Welcome to All My Children!  My name is Tracy Lopez and I have been providing licensed childcare in Monroe for over ten years.  I stive to make each child feel special while they are at daycare.  I want them to feel happy, secure, and comfortable in my home.  I strongly feel children simply want and need what we all do;

To be treated with love, respect, and dignity
To be given tasks that are challenging, but not overwhelming
To be given freedom, but within the comforting bounds of daily routines
To be given choices, but with loving guidance nearby
To be held when they cry
To laugh and make friends
To be listened to
And above all to be recognized as an inividual with
individual needs!

It is my daily goal to meet these needs for every child in my care.

Sincerely, Tracy Lopez

All My Children Daycare
"I will treat your child like my own!"
(360) 794-1952